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I’m pretty high on Andree from what I hear from local basketball people. As I mentioned before, most likely top shooter in the State of NJ. But, you can throw out some of these early games. Scoring 43 against Moses Brown is like scoring 43 against a solid 7th or 8th grade team. MB is tiny Quaker school in RI, with only 700 kids in grades 1-12. I think the competition has been light, so far. He scored 37 against Trenton, which is a decent squad, but not near a state power. Trenton lost to a solid parochial school (St. Augustine) by 30. Unfortunately, the Shore conference, Andree plays in, is not some of the better basketball in NJ. We will get a much better feel in February when the State Tourney begins and he will play against the best prep competition in NJ. The best schools in NJ are the parochial schools, so he will see them if his team advances. There has been a significant shift in NJ where all of the good players are recruited out of the public schools and all play parochial basketball.