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Got thank you email from Lehigh this morning. Apparently the snafus (huge waiting line outside in cold to get into suite ticket entrance, then waiting in a holding pen area inside to get taken to suite, then delay to get down to courtside shootaround, then taken to another suite for actual seating) were caused by afternoon Flyers game going to OT, then the changeover to basketball court. So, out of their control. I think if they just limited tickets a bit, and charged more, it might have been a little better. Also, postgame, take CJ to a room and just let the kids see him, take pictures and get autograph. Not sure we needed a bunch of middle aged men running to get his autograph.

When you get to a game that early (545 for 730 tip) you realize what a big production an NBA game is, tons of moving parts. And, ton of organization needed to shuffle 300 people around the building.