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Well another game and same outcome. I literally can’t take this team anymore. Very hard to watch and it’s clear there is something going on. Once again. We get out husseled. Out rebounded. Out worked. I don’t mind losing games but when we play half assed and turn the ball over 18 times is inexcusable. Tim was the only vocal one on the court but also took him till second half to come down on his teammates and light a fire. Ross??? There’s an all points bulletin out looking for him. Where’s is this kid I watched play last year. Lazy lazy lazy. Turnovers. Bad passes. Terrible shot selection. Clearly took a step back. His demeanor also was poor tonight. Almost like a boo hoo I’m playing bad and I’m gonna mope around the whole game. Very frustrating. Kyle needs to works on making better decisions with ball. But that will come. I don’t know. I almost feel like some of these players are not happy with the coaching at times. It sure seems like it. And on to brett. Did he ever have his squad practice against a 1 3 1 zone ????? We looked totally confused and didn’t have a clue what to do. I don’t get why to. Brett put tim back in late first half for a min with two fouls and then sits him over seven mins to start second half. Luckily tim didn’t get a foul in final min of half. Reed seems not to have many answers in game situations which is very concerning to me. Another loss. We are who we are. A below 500 team and that’s it. Hats off to goldy for a great game. Get rewarded with barely seeing any second half action. Great job there brett.

Was also wondering if miles was still here. He would probably still be seeing tons of mins esp with ross Mia. Uhhhh sorry guys. Jumped around a lot had to vent. Someone explain what is going on with this team.