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Biggest concern I have is game-prep which has led – more often than not this season – to a slow, slow start. As pointed out above, how could we not be ready for what we all knew would be either Navy’s match-up or 1-3-1 zone? Unforgivable. On the offensive side, how could TK’s first point not come until the 8:22 mark of the first half? How do you explain 6 TO’s in the games first 8 minutes of the contest which resulted in 10 Navy points? Imagine what the halftime score might have been if not for the Devon Carter led 16-2 LU run when, in two short minutes, he hit a three, hit a two, and fed the ball to Kahron for a breakaway two. And, then to start slow again in the second half (no points in the first 4 minutes) while everyone in the gym knew they’d be going after Tim. Navy did and we faced still another uphill climb. What was said in the locker room at the half? Was anyone listening?

Loved Navy’s balanced scoring/rebounding attack. Just as feared. Four players hitting on 15 of 22 shots while contributing 21 boards. Navy played like they didn’t need the “3” to win. They didn’t. How sweet it must be to know that. They hit on 27 of 42 from in close. Some came on second chance points as 4 or 5 guys dressed in white headed down court.

All that and still we almost won the damn game!

A quick look at DC, JC, and JG’s PL Shooting Stats:

DC: overall (.550)….2’s (.545)….3’s (.556)
JC: overall (.406)….2’s (.412)….3’s (.400)
JG: overall (.500)….2’s (.500)….3’s (na)

Great to see a number of students (100+)- back early for classes to start next week – actually showed and were supportive of the team. Too bad we let them down.

Couldn’t help but see MH sitting behind the bench dressed in #13 sweats. Dream on………