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[quote=24998]ngineer…you may not be a fan of gloves but they are a part of the game now. (do you even watch football?) To attract players to our program we need stuff. Stuff like gloves, shoes, jackets, lights, a new scoreboard. AND Buck is 20% right. Other schools have some girls show players to their seats and even sit with them at the games when they visit. The benefit to this would be to help answer questions about the school, the program and the area.


I have played and watched football for 58 years. I know it part of the game–I just don’t like it. Those of us who caught passes in freezing weather with bare hands laugh at what these primadonnas “need” today. As for the comely ‘escorts’ you suggest…that has gotten a lot of schools in trouble over the years..U of Kentucky being the most recent.