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Diedonne normally only plays PF, not center. Over the past seven games, 6-8 Havener is averaging 26 mpg as Boston’s starting center, while 6-11 Mbargorba is averaging 15.5 mpg at that spot. Before Mbargorba started getting minutes, 7-0 Dylan Haines had been starting at center. Thus I think it will be rare, barring serious foul trouble, that Dieudonne covers Kempton.

I watched most of the other LU game with Boston, and I’m pretty sure Dieudonne didn’t guard Kempton at all when they played M2M. They did play some 2-3 zone, however, and of course different match-ups can occur vs a zone. In that game, 7-0 Haines started for Boston at center and played 23 minutes. And Goff added 22 minutes, mostly at center. Both of them guarded Kempton a lot. The problem is that Haines and Mbargorba are slow afoot and can’t stay in front of Kempton. Havener is much quicker but is only 6-8 and not that strong. Either way, it’s a good match-up for LU.