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I don’t pretend to be an expert on the 3-3-5 but IMHO the biggest problem is the size differential it puts us under, especially the way we play it. A 265# NG backed up by a 210# MLB backed up by 5 DB/Safeties is never, ever going to stop a 300# OL with a 220# back. I think that it’s pure physics (not my strongest subject) :-).
We may be the only team in the country who takes safeties in HS and makes them LBs in college without putting on the necessary beef. We then take LBs in HS and convert them to the DL while weighing 240#.
If we are going to play the 3-3-5, my first move is to take our best defensive player(Caslow) and make him the rover. Then clog up the MLB position with a 240# (perhaps Ripanti). I would also move one of our 295# DEs to the middle.
BTW, I would also consider Connally as a KR or PR.