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Oh, I dont think ee disagree. DL was our primary weak link. My point was merely that there was little behind that to absorb the fallout. Laub,IMO, was not an asset at DE in this scheme. We performed better with Kondas indide and Johnsonat DE. Stubbs, IIR, was out with a back injury. All that said, DL is tops on the list to be remedied. Johnson should be used like Owens was, a passrusher. Caveness’ albeit very big, needs more upprr body strength. Lynn missed most of ladt year due to injury. I think he would be more effective at DE. A base DL of 295-285-290 with Stubbs, Johnson and Prendergast rotating in. NG still an iseue. Kaufman and Nace look to be what we have inside for depth. Morrow would be wasted on DL. Put him at LB.