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What was there not to like about last night’s win? Was it…….

The cmplete and utter dominance of a team that came in riding a 5-game winning streak

The way we out-rebounded the Eagles 37-28 – a team that had out-rebounded their prior two foes (Bucky and Navy) 64-53

Allowing AU just 2 second chance points

Our 67% A/FGM mark with 9 LU players recording one or more helpers

Holding their star performer, Jesse Reed (10th leading scorer in PL) to 7 points with none in the second half

Outscoring AU by 22 (36-14) in the paint

1330 fans, our 10-piece Pep-band, full roster of LU Cheer leaders and LU Dance Team

A refocused/energized KR with 6 pts, 5 assists, and but one TO

Jesse’s career high (unless someone can find a better game) 7 assists

KL’s 8th double-digit scoring game in the PL and his 17
for 30 mark over the last three to include .500 3FG%

The bench explosion when former manager/now walk-on Jay Jay recorded a picture perfect assist in the closing seconds of the game

And, best of all, Coach Reed’s persistent efforts to bring out the best from his players. You would have thought we were losing by 20 the way he screamed instructions and, in general, got after his team from the sideline and along the bench. He once pulled KL out of the game – long before his line change was due – to let him know, in no uncertain terms up close and personal (2 inches away) , that all was not right in the way he executed his defensive assignment. Minutes later, KL joined the party taking place on the court. Lesson learned.