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I wish Lehigh could be a Dayton in basketball. Dayton not a huge school, only 8,000. But, comparing Lehigh to Dayton in hoops isn’t really close. Dayton was a national powerhouse in the 50’s (deep NIT runs, when that was the tournament) and went to an NCAA final in the 60’s. Remained relevant throughout the 70’s. Fell off a bit thereafter but once they joined the A10 in the mid 90’s have been a strong program again with many postseason appearances. Elite 8 a few years back. I think they are a lot closer to the good Midwest Catholic programs (Notre Dame, Marquette, Xavier and DePaul) than to a Lehigh.

In the world of traditional Catholic university basketball programs (legit programs, not Metro or Northeast), we compete with only 1 or 2. Holy Cross, much to the chagrin of their fans and Fordham.