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This all started when my step dad asked Richie if he has anyone to sing the anthem for the game next Sunday. May I add this was over 2 months ago. Rich never responded. Anyway at one of the games. Rich ran into my dad. And totally bull shi@ted his way out of it. Claiming he didn’t check his email. And he’s not sure what’s gonna happen with the anthem. Which is fine. But at least respond and say he we have someone. Or I’ll get back to you. I find it very odd when asked him about group rates Richie responds right back. But to the other few emails not a word. Very very poor way to run things on his behalf. I guess rich don’t want to change anything at stabler or make more money. The whole marketing gig is very poor. I just can’t believe in a position rich Is in he can’t even write back a simple email. I said it all along. If we couldn’t pack that place with cj we never will. But they sure as hell could change stuff up. And get that place rocking again. Like the American game. Had youth group nights and the place was packed. I don’t get it. We are going to email the athletic director because we obviously don’t get anywhere with Richie. Very very poor way to handle business.