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Stabler does have potential. But the marketing dept needs help and I wish would listen to fans. Many people I talk to feel the same way. The other night they had a kid for the foul shooting contest not even facing the basket. It’s just awful. Need to come up with more in game activities for stoppages of play. Need to have more youth nights. Need to have kids under 12 free night. Lehigh still makes money because those kids are going to eat and drink at game. Fill these seats up. It just seems they are doing nothing to change for almost five years now. Probably longer but that’s how long I been a season ticket holder. Please nobody take this as I am trying to bash the university in anyway. We are just stunned at the ignored emails and no response. Like my dad said. I’m sure they don’t get to many people going up and buying 100 tickets at a time for a game. Better follow up would be nice.