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At first glance, I was really disappointed that we were 1-6 for the weekend but there was a lot to be optimistic about.
Our match with Penn State was certainly one of them. Penn State, for the first time all season wrestled with it’s full complement of wrestlers. They had 4 wrestlers ranked #1, 1 ranked #2, 1 ranked #5 and 1 ranked #8. Their HWT was one ot eh top recruits in the nation just returned from injury and with some good officiating at 165 we may win 4 of 10 bouts. Retherford is a beast and Gardner gave him all he could handle. Nickal is a beast and he could hardly stand at the end of his bout with Wolf.
I questioned several PSU fans and they were all impressed with Lehigh’s effort. Kudos to them.
After watching the Lehigh match vs Duke in lacrosse, I became instantly optimistic about this coming season. Fans always plead that we take on the best and we did this weekend and impressed a lot of people.