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There are two games left on the women’s side.

The easy part: If Lehigh beats Army this weekend, Bucknell would be in line the 1 seed, Army would be in line the 2 seed, Lehigh would be in line for the 3 seed. Lehigh would simply have a game vs. 4-22 Colgate left to make it official

If Lehigh loses to Army, it depends on how many schools tie with them.

at Bucknell
at American

at American
Holy Cross

Holy Cross:
at Loyola

Head-to-head tiebreaks, Lehigh vs….

Navy 1-1
Loyola 2-0
Holy Cross 1-1

Navy vs. Holy Cross 1-1
Loyola vs. Holy Cross 1-0
Navy vs. Loyola 1-1

Though there are a lot of possibilities, that season sweep over Loyola puts them in a strong position in many of them.