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What’s the deal with JG? Last year’s minutes/points/rebounds were 23/6/7.5. This year – 15.6/3.3/3.6. Even two years ago his numbers were better – he shot 62% fg compared to 54% this year.

I don’t know if he has been hurt, has he lost confidence, or just lost focus. It is interesting – two of our key Seniors last year (CS and SC) were similarly under-productive in their 4th years. CS seemed to have lost the “green light” shooters mentality he had his Junior year.

Is this an issue of Seniors doing summer interships, looking forward to career prospects after school and loosing focus on basketball? Or, is it more a matter of coaching and these kids loosing confidence and falling out of favor?

Incidentally, I don’t fault these kids for doing summer interships and preparing themselves for life outside of college sports. It just strikes me how under-productive some of our recent 4th years have been (relative to the promise they showed in earlier years).