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JC2 is intriguing to me after his senior season. But, here are my concerns. He’s probably under 6 feet. He’s been listed at 5’10”, 5’11” and 6’0′, that leads me to believe he is under 6 feet tall. He is a PG. We have a first 2 All PL PG ahead of him. So, he doesn’t look to start for 2 seasons. At his size, I’m not sure he will be able to play off the ball on the wing. If he does, he will be guarding much bigger players at a minimum. My last concern is his scoring ability at the collegiate level. To be a scorer at 6’0″, even in the PL, you have to be a premium athlete. Unless you are a flat out deadly 3 point shooter. It is going to be very tough to finish in the lane at that size. Now, KR is starting to score at probably 5’10”, but his outside shooting has really, really improved, and he has developed a nice midrange jump shot. He rarely finishes at the rim, but does take the opportunity when available. But, I have a feeling KR is more of an athlete than JC2 from the limited video we have seen.

But, I hope this kid is a player. Reed has brought in a steady stream of excellent PG’s during his tenure. Hoping JC2 is the next in that line. Looking forward to seeing this kid. If he is a rotational player next season, we should have a ton of depth.