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Minotti was very close to wrestling in the EIWA tournament this year but had a setback the week before. I expect him to be ready and healthy next season. Actually I was wondering if the NCAA still has that special exemption for the tournament this year for those of special merit but unable to participate in the qualifier.
As for this year’s tournament, Cornell wrestled exceptionally well. Lehigh did well also. Nathaniel’s losses were a disappointment. I suspect he may bounce back. Based on power rankings, Bolich was probably seeded much to high. The good news however.
1.)All 10 wrestlers placed.
2.)9 wrestlers qualified for the NCAA tournament.
3.)We had no top seeds but still crowned 2 champions.
4.)Gordon Wolf who was unseeded wrestled to a 5th place finish
5.)Beckman seemed to find his stride until he ran into that buzzsaw named Garrett.