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Very disappointed but not disgusted. We missed peep after peep in the first half and then missed open threes in the end. The effort was there, but it just wasn’t to be. Post game Reed was still in the locker room so coach Tony W. did the post game. “We practiced against it all week and somehow we still came out flat.” Regarding Cross’s incredible distance 3 balls: “We let them get comfortable early and they got in a rhythm.”

So that’s that for 15-16′. Nothing could make you work harder in the off season than loosing a game like this. One better shot. One less turnover. One more hour shooting practice. Every day. Nobody feels worst than the team.

On a positive note, tremendous raucous home crowd. 4,587 paid and in attendance. Louder than you can imagine, unless you were there. Keep winning next year and they’ll be back. And it can’t hurt recruiting.