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Agree with jimk. Fran made a great start, we foundered again, and then Billy moved us in the right direction again. I for one am glad to see him get another shot. I think he got a raw deal from Ball St. He inherited a horrible team that was already in transition, and made them respectable again. After he left, they sucked horribly again for a couple of years. Seem to have righted the ship again this year, but we’ll see.
I understand that D1 coaching is a tough gig. Getting fired for performance leaves a mark, and unless you were fired at UK or KU that mark sticks. I have no inside knowledge, but my guess is that he felt that joining Fran at Iowa was his best path back. I think a mid-major D1 would do well to hire him, but if they weren’t knocking he had to make a move. I hope he kills ’em at Belmont Abbey, and we see him again in D1.