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Criticizing and praising coaches and players is part and parcel of all fan boards. Some is over the top some is earned some is just wrong.
Shaf has shown his ability to lead run. I would prefer if his running was limited to scrambles when needed, an occasional QB draw and sweep pass run options. We have 3 very capable RBs. We have a veteran OL with depth. Duffy’s ankle may be the key for that unit.
D at times played as a cohesive unit for stretches but never for a whole game. Missed assignments and the inability to finish tackles seem to be main issues in the back. We blamed our CBs a lot for getting toasted. Often deserved but nit always. A lot of those dropped coverages resulted from S failure to pick up the assigned coverage.
Agree with AndyAndy’s comment that too many of the DBs were not physically ready for the field. The visions pf Fordham ballcarriers running thru tackles is etched in my mind.
Hopefully, the new donut drills used by the pros will help with technique. Noiticed NcCloskey put on 15 lbs Remond and Jones 10.
Botts added more blitz packages in Spring. Moving Harvey back outside and bringing Kaufman back can only help at LB. Not to mention getting Barrett and Walker back at Rover. Lambert back at S a bonus. Not a great cover guy but an excellent tackler.
Talent. Now Botts has to put a cohesive unit on the field in an aggressive scheme that players know and have conftdence in.