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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

[quote quote=27312]I saw Bucknell opens with Temple in 19. Also a H and H with Nova 18 19.
Had my say , no point in repeating it.


One problem that Lehigh faces is the fact that outside of Rutgers they have very little history with current FBS schools. If nothing else, Bucknell and Temple have played 44 times which ranks high on both teams “most played lists”. When you look at a lot of current FCS-FBS games around the country there’s more often than not a connection. A lot of time it’s two instate public schools sharing the wealth.

I was shocked to see that Lehigh has played UMass ONLY 6 times, Temple 2x, Virginia 9x, Syracuse 2x.

Double digit games against current FBS schools (Last time two met)
Rutgers – 74x (1977)
Penn State – 23x (1942)
Navy – 21x (1987)
Army – 11x (1995)
UConn – 11x (2003)
Buffalo – 10x (2002)

Outside of the PL teams most of Lehigh’s history is with Penn, Rutgers and Princeton (Delaware would become the main D2/1AA rival later on). Those three were the “big time” schools Lehigh associated with back in the day. Princeton is the only one of those Lehigh has maintained a consistent rivalry with the last 20 years.

Lehigh’s overall list of historical opponents if honestly pretty weak. There’s never been a lot of imagination Ever….