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objective observer

Lehigh guy- I was at the scrim

the d-line is better than what they had in the past – the last two years you had guys starting that were too small to be playing – watch the film- you will see those guys getting pushed down the field about 10 yards

as for yesterday- yes the d line needs work- but you had guys
especially the freshman playing well also – players hustling to the ball almost making backside tackles- the secondary did allow players to get behind them- if you have coached you know that the secondary needs to communicate with each other-and that is a new group- but they need to grow up fast

as for the offense- shaf threw a nice ball- some very nice passes with coverage on players

I think I only saw one dropped pass

also- the goal of the scrim is to start seeing who is going to be on the depth chart- I don’t think that was the first team defense in the first 4 plays

Like I said in an earlier email- the defense will be better than the last two years-