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Colgate looks extremely vulnerable to a passing offense. Mayes cannot move. He looked slow. Our third string center could have thrown for 400 yards against Yales defense…They were horrible. Shaf brings a lil edge that this teams needs. Nobody has mentioned how we give up all these points and yards in the first half and then we stone these teams in the second half. Decent coaches make decent changes at halftime. Im not saying Bot should be hunting for NFL jobs but I like when coaches adjust as the game goes along. Bot is a slow starter but then he adjusts prettty damn good. I predicted we would win 5 in a row and we are at 3 but unfortunately I do not think we get this one. Think they can score with us and our kick off and punt coverage teams have been horrible. Colgate beats us in a close one with special teams being the deciding factor. I hope Im wrong!!! GO LEHIGH