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I don’t know guys, Worthington didn’t really overly impress me in those videos.  He is a plodder, with limited quickness, foot speed and leaping ability.  He has to shoot all of those falling away hooks, because he can’t face up, or go by anybody.  I think he may struggle to get his shot off a bit especially against bigger players.  He looks like a worker for sure.  But, if we want to get up and down the court, not sure how he fits in with an uptempo pace.  He shows nothing in the videos other than tip ins over smaller players, and hooks.  I guess I am hoping for a more athletic big.  When a write up says a 6’9″ player who plays below the rim, that is a bit of a red flag, in my opinion.    Stretch to mention him and Muscala together as MM has a very good perimeter game and is much longer.