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However, when you look at team next year your wild card is definitely the front court as opposed to back court. Now I like the guys we’re bringing in, confident 2 of 3 bigs break right, but look at the below…our guard play is more certain/known commodity than our frontcourt….

Hey hoops, I love your theorizing on where things are heading. Here is my two cents. We will have brought in 4 frontcourt guys in the last two classes. JG who showed solid flashes, JC who the staff has been watching for the past year even if we haven’t, Kempton who had a monster senior year, and Whitfield. At the wing spots we have Carter who was relatively unimpressive and will be coming off major injury, and Price, who many of us are high on but is totally unproven. And no point guard at all. So, if I’m looking at this sitatuion I see a bigger need in the backcourt. I’m more comfortable with the bigs I just mentioned than with just Price and Carter in the backcourt. Obviously if there is a steal of a big man, go for it.

My other thought is long term. Schaefer has shown the ability to score, and he and MM were on the court for decent stretches together this season. If Schaefer continues in a combo guard role for the next two seasons, I think it makes sense to bring in another pure point this class. That player can learn behind MM and CS as a freshman, then back-up/play with CS as a soph, and then have the job as an upperclassman. Lastly, at this level you need a good point guard (unless you have Mike Muscala) and I would rather bring one in every other year rather than skip 2 years, just to have better odds of finding a good PL level point guard. As you mentioned, LU has lucked out with Hall and MM over the past 7 years, but many PL teams have not been so lucky. I say bring in a point and you will have a full starting 5 of upperclassmen when the JG class are seniors.