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Early in the first quarter of the Holiday Invitational title game, Word of God Academy (Raleigh, N.C.) forward Shane Whitfield buckled his leg as he moved to block the lane.
Whitfield, a senior who is signed to Lehigh, never returned to the game and eventually went to the emergency room where he learned that he’d broken his fibula. That means the Holy Rams will be without Whitfield for the rest of the season.
Whitfield was averaging 13 points a game for the 10-1 Rams. He is scheduled for surgery Monday.

Note: There is no mention of ligament damage which is a plus and the fibula is a non-weight bearing bone I believe. I hear it’s about 6 weeks in a cast and perhaps another 8 in rehab. Hopefully, he should be OK by April/May and begin strengthening the ankle by early summer. Am I being too optimistic here?