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    What a disaster!
    Don’t get me wrong, AU has a great team and is well coached but I am convinced that LU had a chance.
    Am I the only one to think that someone, somewhere, has to hold this coaching staff accountable for the unsatisfying work they do game after game after game???
    Numbers do not lie. Just look at the stats. Just look at the minutes.
    Starting 5 shot 35% and played an average of 29 minutes. Bench players play with fear because they have no margin for error.
    The offense has not created anything for months. They just improvise and end up chucking up threes when time runs out. Nobody wants to do the dirty work and rebound. Carl and Kinneston (who’s 5-8) had a field day. The “2020” are running out of gas like they did last year because they have been overused for the results we know. The rotations and matchups are horrible. AU had 4 significant runs and they did not adjust, nor did they even call TO. Coaches do not inspire, motivate. They show no emotion, no enthusiasm, no grit. One just shakes his head on the bench while the other one stands there already thinking at her post game conference when she will congratulate the opponent and take no blame.
    I guess that’s what happens when an institution is happy with a .500 record over the years. But again, I can be wrong…….

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    Lehigh shot 28 percent. You shoot that poorly you don’t beat anyone much less the undefeated first-place Eagles.
    Coaching can often be blamed when Lehigh loses, but not yesterday, in my opinion.
    Hopefully a winless (in PL play) Colgate team helps Lehigh get out of the slump they’re in right now.



    You are absolutely right, BUT this “live by the three, die by the three” mentality is allowed by the coaches. There’s no plan B, no transition game, no inside game…. You can’t keep on relying on Q’s performance day in, day out. It’s unfair to the kid. And by the way, she gets no help. People are too selfish to even set screens for her to get open. The only one who does gets garbage time anyway. It could be a win-win situation. She gets open or you have a mismatch on a pick & roll.
    You don’t always play badly because of the other team’s performance. Sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot because you don’t do the right things.

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