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    Game Notes

    Lehigh (0-0)
    We await

    Syracuse (0-0)
    We await

    KenPom Rankings and Projected Spreads (D-1 Games Only)

    As shown below, Lehigh, Lafayette, Colgate, Navy, and American are not given much of a chance on opening night. I give you……..

    Lehigh (120) @ Syracuse (33) … Syracuse by 12
    Northeastern (108 ) @ Boston U. (124 )… Boston U. by 3
    Lafayette (238) @ George Washington (58) … GW by 14
    Colgate (280) @ George Mason (158) … GM by 9
    Florida (44) @ Navy (269) … Florida by 11
    Tennessee State (301) @ Loyola (205) … Loyola by 8
    Holy Cross (258) @ Marist (307) … Marist by 1
    American (183) @ Rhode Island (50) … Rhode Island by 11


    Syracuse got it going early in preseason by trouncing two D-II schools: LeMoyne and Florida Southern. They did it is style, racking up 197 pts. to the visitors’ 102. Highlights, if you wish, are linked below.

    Check out the stat lines and the early barrage of points scored by The Orange in each contest. Key-in on, as I’m sure KR already has, the number of Syracuse points scored off turnovers – a staggering 81 off 49 miscues by the visitors. No pity was shown in The Orange onslaughts. And, if I had to guess, Boeheim’s Bunch will attempt to do the same on Friday night, well aware of how Kempton, Ross, Price, Chuku, and Shafer kept it close for the first 30 minutes (down by only 2 at the half) down on the Mainline in our opener against Villanova one year ago. And, looking over the expected Orange Line-up which boasts plenty of beef, height, and experience, I would like us to “go big” at the outset and start Jesse at the “3” or “SF” position. What’s there to lose? The senior held his own against Villanova (7 pts. and 5 boards in 26 minutes. And, he has, after all, started before (7 times) and to his credit played in every game since arriving on campus two + years ago. Before you cry “crazy,” let me say I’m well aware of the fact we have other options in terms of a “3” guard on the wing to start the game. There’s plenty to choose from with DC (38 games played but 0 starts), TJ (5 games played but 0 starts), JRG (7 games played but 0 starts), and newcomer KL. But, playing an experienced 6’9” big – even if it’s for only the first 4 minutes – may be the best way to counter what I believe will be the initial scoring thrust of the Syracuse “bigs” and enhance our chance at pulling down an early rebound or two. Just who are these guys from upstate New York? Well, along the front, they range in size from 6’7” to 6’10” and weigh and average 226 lbs. As for experience, it doesn’t get much better than Gbinije (Grad) and Coleman (Sr.). The two racked-in a combined 57 pts. during the 2-game exhibition play. Not to be outdone by his elders, 6’6” Freshman Guard Richardson tallied 31 pts. and 13 boards on his own. Yeah, the weapons are many.

    Like everyone else who is brave enough (ha) to post on the board, I’m worried about team depth. Apparently, it’ll take disciplined play on everyone’s part – especially the front line – to stay out of foul trouble and for our younger players to mature quickly. The learning curve will be great with time the enemy. Game 1, in terms of what really matters, is just 42 days away. Until then, let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    See you in Syracuse!

      Oh yeah, THE DOME – fit for b’ball!?

    Now that’s weird! And, just another thing our guys will have to contend with on Friday that the host team takes for granted.

      Read Coach B’s thoughts on Exhibition play in the Dome vs. Scrimmages.

    “I like to get our players out in the Dome and play in public, especially the freshmen. In the gym it’s just like practice. When you close the gym the competition is better, but it’s just like practice is. Here they get out in public with fans. It’s a game. It’s a condition that’s better particularly for young players.”



    Great review, as always, 65. Although, if you recall, the Nova game was in Allentown last year.

    I would love to see us start TK, JC and JG. You get killed in these games on the glass. Nova was small last year and we held our own. Nova, if you recall, killed us with their soft press. In past years, against the likes of Baylor and Pitt, is was ugly on the glass.



    Ha. Your’re right, of course, 90. There’s no doubt about it, I’m getting old. And, I was even at the Villanova game last year. First in the door, matter of fact. I guess the memory of the stomping we endured down on the Main Line 10 years ago still sticks in my mind.

    I see our Game Notes are up!'s%20Basketball/2015-16/1%20-%20vs.%20Syracuse%20Notes%20111315.pdf

    Of note, Jesse in / Goldy out as Probable Staters.


    I thought I read JG picked up a minor injury and may miss Friday. Is it confirmed he’s playing? If he’s out that would be the reason JC is a projected starter.


    Stating the obvious as usual, to me JG and KL are the keys to this year. We need JG to protect Tim on the boards, and we need KL to live up to his rating. A lot of pressure on a freshman, but someone has to productively suck up minutes on the wing. And this is all assuming DC will really be a factor. The off season injury to MH really complicated things.

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