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    Found HC and Colgate on TV tonight.(basketball) Are all PL games that pathetic in attendance? Just wondering since the 100 fans there do not look excited. It must be so much more difficult to recruit in that atmosphere. Are we better at Stabler? Just seems like a high school gym.-From a football guy…………..



    Painful but accurate observation. Looking at last year’s numbers, HC averaged a bit higher attendance than we did. Agreed that it doesn’t look good on TV, but I also find the crowd “energy” hard to gauge on TV. I think our home games have looked a bit better than this, but I haven’t been to a Stabler game in some time either.
    Just the reality of mid-major hoops, I think. Schools our size can do a good bit better – but we need results to climb up there. Went with my sister, her kids, and mine to the game at UMBC. Her kids go to a big AAAA PA high school, and they all commented that CV’s gym is significantly bigger than UMBC’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if their average attendance is higher, too.
    Now, if we could convince 50% of our home football fans to stop in sometimes… ;-)

    p.s. My wife, who went to Syracuse and likes hoops, LOVES to give me hell about watching these “high school” games. Ouch.

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    And 65 gets his wish as crossers down gators

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