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    Moving this to it’s own thread.

    I will start it off:




    Colgate (don’t think we can beat Colgate up there, senior laden team)
    Bucknell (Bucknell really tough at home, this could be a Laffy upset, but Bison)


    Colgate (pulls upset, senior heavy team beats freshman heavy team)

    I think we beat Bucknell if we can get to final, but Colgate matches well against us and Bucknell.


    I’m most concerned about game 1, American. Early Vegas line has us -4.5 points. But this is the first time this group is in a must win game at home with great expectations. No more “its a young group” excuses. The sophomores are now essentially juniors. I think there’s a lot of pressure. If we play loose and attend to the game plan details we win. But it’s the expectations I worry about most.

    And if we beat AU, I have a feeling we’ll figure out Colgate. Somehow we’ll contain Jacobs and the Red Raiders 3 pointer barrage we’ve seen the first two tries. Have we done full court man to man this year? Just to get them out of their early rhythm?

    And I agree with you 90…. If we get to the final, we’ll take the whole enchilada….

    But first of course, American.



    As we enter play tomorrow night, here is how the remaining 8 teams stack-up in terms of: RPI, KenPom Rankings, and the Vegas Consensus Line (in that order):

    HC @ Bucknell
    199 @ 133
    Bucknell by 6
    Bucknell by 6

    AU @ Lehigh
    161 @ 159
    LU by 4
    LU by 4 ½

    Boston U. @ Lafayette
    202 @ 148
    Lafayette by 5
    Lafayette by 5

    Navy @ Colgate
    267 @ 182
    Colgate by 8
    Colgate by 7

    I’m thinking the only surprise among the group might be for Holy Cross (5 and 2 in their last 7) to take down Bucknell. The two split their series this year with The Bison winning their last encounter out in Lewisburg by 13 on Feb. 7th – a game in which HC lead at the half, albeit by just two. Since then, The Crusaders have gone 5 and 2 and are coming into the game off a high in knocking down Loyola by 17 in last night’s “Play-in” game. I’m thinking The Crusaders bring their “A” game into Sojka Pavilion tomorrow and wins this one for their departing senior stars: Marcolm Miller and Justin Burrell. FYI, this will be the 64th meeting between the two with Bucknell holding a series edge of 11 to 4 at Sojka. Crusader Coach Brown is 3 and 8 against the Bison entering the game.

    Like lehigh90, I’m chalk the rest of the way.



    Wait till you see how I “finesse” this one in our favor! Of course, I have us beating American. I’ll stick with the favorites in Bucky over HC, and ‘pards over BU. But I’ll take Navy over Colgate for the first big upset. I’ll remind all that Navy beat them, up there, just a couple of weeks ago. And I also believe gate’s torrid shooting % can’t last forever. But, realistically, I’m also just paving the path for LU, I’m sure!
    I didn’t want to pick beyond the quarters yet, but I think Bucky will beat the ‘pards in a very good and exciting semi. Of course, we’ll beat Navy.
    This far, and no farther…



    Todd, we each see an upset happening tonight. How sweet would it be of both occurred? Heck, both Navy and Holy Cross have done it (got W’s) before this year. Combine those results with a win over AU and we’re at home for the rest of the playoffs – no matter what Boston and Lafayette do tonight. Now that’s a dream scenario.

    Anyone else see an upset? Going chalk is so boring.



    I think the best chance for an upset in Quarters is Boston U over Lafayette, but I like the veteran core of Lafayette at home.

    You realize when picking these home court tournaments that winning the regular season is really critical to get the home games when you need them.

    Lastly, I want to see everybody lay out the whole bracket, come on!



    OK lehigh90, her goes………….

    Two upsets in seven games. Why not? It’s the Patriot League where anything can happen. Remember, I’m first a fan and second – by a long shot – an authority on basketball.


    LC over BU
    HC over Bucknell

    Colgate over Navy
    Lehigh over American


    LC over Holy Cross
    Lehigh over Colgate


    Lehigh over Lafayette



    Unfortunately, I see the best chance of an upset being tonight at stabler. I don’t think it will happen but IMHO its the most likely upset.



    1st round

    Do you realize you could pick any possible outcome in these 1st round games and you wouldn’t be wrong?

    In that vein, you’re going to think I’m nuts.

    Holy Cross 59, Bucknell 57 – Cross rides momentum to shocker 8 vs. 1 upset

    Navy 74, Colgate 71 – Navy is dangerous with everyone healthy

    Lehigh 63, American 53 – AU will need to be red-hot from outside to beat us, and I don’t think it happens

    Lafayette 73, BU 60 – Lafayette’s seniors too much for BU.


    Lehigh 63, Navy 53 – A matchup I dreaded, picking the home team only because I think they lose momentum with their 3rd game in a week

    Lafayette 53, Holy Cross 52 – A nail-biter saved with their home-court advantage as well


    Lehigh 70, Lafayette 63 – Revenge in the third meeting

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    Unfortunately my fear became a reality with the only upset being at Stabler.



    A sad 1 for 3 for me. Only the Lafayette game wasn’t close, and HC gave Bucknell a game. Very, very small consolation though.

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