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    Heading into the final game of the season, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    Lehigh offense

    2015 30.6 ppg 460.2 ypg
    2013 31.6 ppg 446.4 ypg
    2012 30.3 ppg 410.8 ypg
    2011 32.5 ppg 469.6 ypg
    2010 23.3 ppg 345.4 ypg
    2009 20.9 ppg 318.0 ypg

    Offensively this team is comparable to some of the best teams in the last decade and they are very young.


    920 yds so far this season.
    He needs 80 to be the 1st freshman to run for 1,000
    He needs 85 to pass Brian Baker into #10 all time
    He needs 90 to pass Erik Torain into #9 all time
    He needs 104 to pass Dick Gabriel into #8 all time.

    Rabih Abdullah has the career rushing mark with 3,696 or about 924/season.

    and he had 2 games with less than 10 carries due to injury.


    73 catches for 745 yards
    6 more receptions and he moves into 5th place for receptions in a season.
    Rennie Benn still has the career receiving record with 237 catches. Going into Lafayette, Troy has 122 catches. He is only a sophomore. Do the math.

    Ed Mish

    Ed currently has 60 kicking points this season making 9 of 11 FGs.
    Erik Bird has the career record of 225 points.

    Nick Shafnisky
    Currently completing 65.54% of his passes. This is good for 4th all time.


    Yup. Great offensive production. But we’re 5 and 5 because we allow 30+ points a game and 500 yds. per game. Until the defense starts playing, even a promising, prolific offense will likely produce .500 records. I think the DC needs to be closely examined.



    Thank you Marco!


    wow, no limit to the amount of information here, guess our D is not the best

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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