Sunday’s Word: Focus

All week it was out there.

All week head coach Andy Coen, senior OL Mike Vuono and junior SS Rickie Hill said it to whomever would listen.  All week the word out of Lehigh was simple: "focus".

It was easy to "focus" on Princeton's back-to-back 1-9 records, their struggles on offense, their pick to finish in last place in the Ivy League, their pick by non-Lehigh fans as yet another "cupcake" on Lehigh's schedule.

Instead, Saturday proved that the Mountain Hawks won't be able to simply show up and scare off any opponent simply due to the "Lehigh" on the jersey or their Top 25 ranking.

Worse, as a team, Lehigh's lack of "focus" came dangerously close to costing the Mountain Hawks the game.
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