Sunday’s Word: Rodeo

A few years ago, I got to go to my first "rodeo".

In our family trip to Yellowstone park, my wife, son, and I took a long side trip to Cody, Wyoming to experience something that everyone ought to experience at least once in their lifetimes.

I remember it well - the clowns, team roping, bull riding, the works.  The crowd was encouraged to participate, and you couldn't help yourself after a while: you had to, somehow, show your appreciation for the displays of ability that were going on.

I thought back on that "rodeo" a lot when I flew down to Lynchburg, Virginia to take in the Lehigh football game.  It was a lot more packed than the "rodeo" I went to in Cody - there's a lot more money in Liberty University than there is in "rodeos" - but, like the show I saw in Wyoming, it wasn't just a football game, it was a spectacle.
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