Arguments Over Bowl Payouts Makes Me Wonder Whether A MEAC/SWAC Reorg Is Better

I actually feel bad for the schools and athletes of the MEAC.

Last year, the players and coaches of the schools of the MEAC knew that they all had an equal chance to compete for a national championship, just like all the other schools in Division I Football Championship Subdivision, or FCS.

But with the announcement of the Celebration Bowl, a postseason bowl game which rips the MEAC's champion away from the playoffs to face off against the winner of the SWAC, none of the talk anymore is about the athletes.

The talk on the internet around the bowl, financed and created, essentially, by ESPN, is how much money each host school could or could not bring home if they qualify for the game.

Rather than haggle over money, though, I think HBCU conferences are probably better served by doing something that probably has been needed to be done for decades - reorganizing.

The reason, oddly enough, is the bowl game.
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