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"Special Privileges" For TV in Realignment? Absolutely.

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"Special Privileges" For TV in Realignment?  Absolutely.

Exactly when is a media entity not entitled to report on itself?

This is the question I frequently pose to myself when ESPN, Fox and CBS report on anything about college realignment issues in general.

It’s especially true about this report made by Jeremy Fowler of CBS Sports.Com, which purports to be an inside look at who has the “most say” in realignment – TV networks or the conferences themselves.

The good news is that there are a lot of revealing insights into the top men running the show in collegiate athletics, including media people and conference commissioners.  The bad news is that it reads like the writer is trying to snooker the reader into thinking that TV has no influence over realignment – when a keener, more independent look at the quotes reveals anything but.
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