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LehighGuy, please continue to make posts. You do a much better job than I can of proving what a moron you are.

Hawkineer, as for looking for me to put a positive spin on things, not sure where that is coming from. I am the guy who was criticized on here over the summer for saying this team is a 4-5 win team.

If you objectively evaluated this Lehigh team, this should not be a surprise at all. The defense has been in steady decline since 2011. Yes LU was 10-1 in ’12 but D still gave up 30+ points in 3 league games that year. I agree Bott is a good coach, but you don’t just wave a wand and magically fix one of the worst D’s in school history.

I’ll go back to my question before the season, who are the playmakers on this team? I was told there were a bunch. Through 2 games I’ve seen Leaks make some plays on D. QB makes plays with his feet. OL and RB have been solid. That’s about it. And things aren’t getting much easier the next 2 weeks. Could be staring 0-4 in the face going to bye week.

That being said, I’m not stepping out on a ledge just yet. The signs were all there that this would be a bad year for LU. Every program has a down year once in a while. I don’t know how many other FCS teams have won 39 games in the last 4 years, but it’s not many. Crazy to suggest that now Andy and the staff suddenly don’t know how to coach.