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Apparently, Drexel was looking for a Home ‘n Home (Basketball Travelers Website) but their open dates in December must not have matched ours. Hey, maybe next year.

I have doubts that it’s a scheduling issue. I think it’s probably that someone doesn’t want to play the other, or doesn’t like the terms offered. Drexel has been complaining for years about the difficulty in putting together a schedule (especially home games), as has Lehigh. There is no reason they couldn’t have booked a 2014-15 game back in 2012. Also, Reed has shown no desire to play Philly schools. Penn a couple seasons ago was part of the preseason NIT, and Nova this year is a special situation.

Hopefully as Hoops suggests, the PPL Center will change the dynamic, but it certainly seems to me that Philly (or A-10/CAA games for that matter) are not a priority for the staff.

On that note, would have liked to see the Fordham series continued. They haven’t been very good in a while, but they are still an A-10 series and have been recruiting well lately. Pecora might finally have them on the right track.