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Doc Qb

TCudd, I agree somewhat. If we want to target academic minded guys, guys who could maybe play up a level or at a higher tier FCS program, we still have some things to consider. The lure of playing for a top notch academic school still has some schools with facility advantages.

For example, facilities could still make a difference: W&M can offer a kid we want the Laycock center, new stadium on horizon, excellent home crowds, a redshirt year, comparable academics. Same can be said for football only facilities at UPenn (football weightroom), JMU (whole building), Villanova (new weight room), Richmond, Delaware (new weightroom coming, indoor fieldturf facility), and of course the building in Easton. We stack up adequately from that standpoint, but the stand alone buildings like at W&M/JMU/Laff will impress any kid.