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Even if you capitalize it, it doesn’t make it right. He had interest from Maine and Albany. He only had one other offer (SH) and we had no idea about that one until he signed his LOI. So relax and enjoy the ride.
In a recent discussion with a Lehigh coach (not football), I was told that there is a lot going on that the discussion boards have no idea about. We simply project. Let’s take your example. The young man going to Lafayette is undersized. His stats are certainly not eye-popping. His time in the 100 is also mediocre. So why offers from Kentucky, Cincinnati etc? He only played 8 games last year. Was there an injury involved? Did any of those schools pull back their offer? Several of the schools downgraded their interest to cool prior to his commitment. Frankly, I don’t know the answer to any of that. Neither do you.
There are a lot of reasons why guys go under-recruited. If you play for a small school, you tend to get unnoticed. If you don’t market yourself well e.g camps and recruiting services, you tend to go unnoticed. If you play multiple sports and don’t have the time to devote yourself to just one, you can get unnoticed. IMHO, we did a nice job with a lot of “reach” recruits. We also did well recruiting kids that are well thought of in the football community based on A/S recognition. Yet, the jury will not decide for another 5 years on how well we or anyone else has done.