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It a great day to be a fan of LU Hoops. Six t go and pumped over the thought of seeing both Bucknell and Lafayette come to Stabler in the coming weeks.

Enjoyed everyone’s comments above but thought I’d add……….

I like Miles as much as the other guy, believe me, but I think his minutes in relationship to Corey’s are just about right, i.e., 14/game to 25/game. There’s no getting away from it, MS was certainly on fire the last two games going 9 of 13. But, that simply brings is PL totals up to 14 for 34. Two good nights makes you forget going “o-fer” on 6 different occasions this year in League play. As we go down the stretch, I’m fully expecting Reed to maintain the CS/MS balance yielding, if in any direction, to Corey – the guy with experience in crunch time and in terms of games played (115 to 53). While CS has had his off shooting nights, he does connect on a higher percentage of his shots from both in close and from beyond the arc ( CS: . 438/.381 to MS: .387/.368). Corey can also be used in a pinch at the “point” where his A/TO ratio matches or betters that of Miles. When comparing guard play you seldom look at this stat but it deserves a view when comparing these two fine players. That is, rebounding. Here Corey wins out with a board every 7.6 minutes to Miles’ one every 14.6 minutes. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s CS’ lock-down defense that swings the scale in his favor. Just ask Loyola’s Hubbard (1 for 4 in 29 minutes) or Boston U’s Papale (1 for 7 in 29 minutes). You can argue that with CS assigned to one of the opponent’s guards, it’s like having a 5 on 4 man advantage. Well OK, maybe a 5 on 4.5 advantage. You get the idea.

On to American!