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just a fan

Aite here we go….. 1st team defense did not look that dominant. #32 gashed them on the opening drive. Corners still not tackling and fighting off blocks.. Nick looked good on the drive.. #58 on defense made several plays in a row on 1 series. In 7 on 7 Leaks got burned again badly. The 2s DBs played well forced a 3 and out… The 2 frosh backs are REAL… Miko suffered a concussion.. Redmond made plays against 3s wouldn’t look to much into that. But he did make the plays. Kudos… #17 and Lawson was 2nd string corners and they actually looked stronger and they also rotated in with the 1s in coverage.. I will tell u guys this. We are basically playing with 1 or no safety.. A lot of press coverage,, our corners gotta man up quick or its a long year again back there. 116 out of 121 in pass defense… But overall they played live and was very much pumped up the whole game..