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I really just focus on the D since that’s LU main problem. I notice that Leaks and Rigauld didn’t really play that much, after starting the scrimmage, maybe 10 plays? I find it disheartening that they basically have the spots locked down, but continue to miss tackles and get burned. Lbs should be fine just finish tackles. It seems they don’t know what to do with Lawson. He plays safety and corner, where will he be on the depth chart? I imagine the corner position is up for grabs at second string, earlier in the week geis and Redmond were taking snaps with 2nd string, now Lawson and Montgomery are. The receiver position is missing Anderson and Kelsey, they also are the main return guys. The def line is solid and should be fine. By the middle of the scrimmage it wasn’t any first or second string units. I saw 1st string Lbs with 3rd string DBS and etc. they were just playing football at that point, so the comment about Redmond playing against just 3s was false. I was looking forward to the siegenthaler kid, didn’t see him on the field or at practices, he’s number 22, is he wearing another jersey number to practice in?