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Dont be mad TMH, i know you LOVED Yosha…LOL. He was what i said he was. He did what i said he would. LOL he played in 7 games and avg 45yds a game…WOW! He was injury prone his whole life and LU took a HUGE risk on him and lost. The BIG Miami U transfer who was a WALK ON there…LOL. Hope he gets a good education at Indiana University (he will walk on there next yr). As for Bragalone, I hope he rushes for 1000 yds and 20tds! Brisker will unseat him, i actually think Bragalone is the THIRD best freshman back behind Brisker and Thevaya, Theveya is a talent, he will see the field this yr and shock everyone. I think hes LU homerun and energy back, all other backs are just power.

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