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Well said LG. No buddy. Truth is we are getting smarter players now. Team GPA higher with these kids.
Small’s O as added to by Higgins and Ceech is a pretty complicated passing O. It is QBcentric. Depends on him making correct reads quickly. WRs have multiple options depending on how D reacts. Bialkowski last to run that O. When Andy came one of his stated aims was to dvelop some smash mouth running attack. Not sure if thats what we’ve seen last two years. Definite we haven’t seen AirLehigh
Thet O works best with a great runner. We’ve had a lot of them over the years.
If they decide to scrap it for a better system to fit our personnel,OK. Best actually do that.
CCSU not a top team,so stats may not mean much but O did roll up big yds,not too many big finishes in red zone.Repeat this vs a good team,we lose.
O has an excellent QB,deep and talented WRs,a veteran,if dinged,OLyet we still struggled. Why? Andy has to find the answer.