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Doc Qb

The Air Lehigh of Hank Small was way different. I played then w Cecchini, and we played golf proir to the Bialkowski season. He said many of those principles are gone with the shotgun-read option-play action stuff we have now. Rich, u r correct it was QB centic then, but not simply quick reads after the snap. The meat of what we did so well, Kempa and Sempti (who I backed up) was pre-snap. Hank beat it into us, and we had options of SEVERAL plays based off a single coverage, we could choose whatever we liked. We dared u to blitz, because we would see it, change the pattern and protection, and the mismatch WR on safety got the ‘ol option route and big yards. It how Horace Hamm, Rich Clark, Jason Cristino, Cecchini, and Klingerman made huge yards. We just dont have that now, really not at all. We dont change much at line, its all quick or tempo type stuff. Totally different, not Lighting Up the Skies like the article in the alumni bulletin 25 yrs ago.