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Rich You make it sound like having a QB who can run is a bad thing . After watching PENN ST .QB get SACKED 10 times by Temple is that the kind of QB you want for Lehigh ??? I always thought that there were 11 players on each team O and D teams .When some of the OLDER commenters on this blog talk about the OLD DAYS they ALWAYS mention and talk about the team as a whole .Todays team is stuck with an OC who thinks he is calling plays for a high school team .The OLDER guys who comment always talk about how good the Lehigh pass O was and never say how good the D was to let the O run an OFFENSE that had more than 5 or 6 plays and a smart OC to lead them .You cannot live in the past and dream of what was and complain about the present Lehigh team .It is time for the HEAD COACH to assert his leadership and get involved in the play calling .