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Geez, our first game with the usual first game mistakes, but a win. Can anyone enjoy a victory around here? Everything gets so over analyzed thinking we should dissect the game like the talking heads on ESPN. We have a bunch of freshman who have been in the system for one stinking month. They cannot absorb everything in such a short time, and now dealing with transition to college. These are young guys and while bright still need time to acclimate. While I, like any fan, sit there questioning some of the play calling at certain times,(that’s part of all sports) badmouthing the program this early into the season does not do anyone any good. But ’tis the reality of today’s electronic society where everyone is a critic with an opinion easily typed and anonomously sent. I caution some patience and see where we sit at the end of the month. Next week is no picnic, so it should be a real test.