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I can understand a bit of griping about a play call or two but getting mad about playcalling after a W? The single most important thing that came out of this Friday’s game was the fact that Lehigh had more points than CCSU. You can build with a young team after a victory. This season is not going to be about where Lehigh is after Week 1 but where they will be after Week 11. Improvement week to week.

CCSU was forced to punt 6 times and held to 271 yards of total offense. Lehigh D kept big plays to a minimum, showed much, much better tackling ability from last season, and aside from maybe a couple plays they’d like back it was a reasonably dominating effort. As a fan that was starved to see just a little bit of defense since last season, the meal was very satisfying.

Certainly there’s room for improvement, but every college football program in America is saying that about their team. Celebrate the win, and we’ll see about JMU.