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[quote=21620]JMU was a different team at the end of the season as compared to who we played out of the chute. They now have a year under their belt with their new staff, a FBS transfer at QB who is the real deal, and they always have loads of speed. On paper, I think it could be ugly.

But, game is NEVER played on paper. After the team and staff get over the big stadium and band, its football. We were toe to toe with them last year, and each guy needs to focus on that…players can have career days, and so can the COACHES. We need that here, especially from the coaches. Thats how we won these games in the past. Putting it all together, mistake free ball, focus, and a game plan that grooves on the stuff they havent seen on film is the goal. Thats all coaching, putting the kids in a position to win. Only that will keep the game close because they unfortunately have more talent at this time.

We’ll learn a lot about ourselves here…mostly, our staff. We have some horses, they need to let them run.

+1. Kind of a litmus test for us. A W would be nice but almost as important to me is how we compete. Next ,how well has staff prepared team to compete effectively. What is Folmar’s plan?
CCSU answered some questions,expect we’ll get more on Sat.