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[quote=21699]This is amazing stuff!
He thought we could run on JMU!
On what basis? – The element of surprise? Superior strength on the line? The fact we spread the field and set up the run with our passing game?
I know he has to say something to cover up the decision but this is bizarre.


Based on the fact we ran on them last year quite well. Of course, the JMU we saw a year ago was not the same team that ended up in the playoffs. Nor the same team this year as they returned alot who are bigger, faster, and acclimated to their new system after a full year. So watching last year’s tape would give false assurance. The Morehead State tape should have and did send warning signs.
As John McKay once said of his Tampa Bay team when asked about its execution, “I think it is a good idea.” The key to this game becoming a debacle as opposed to a competitive game was the defensive’s inability to wrap up and tackle. A decent defensive effort and no fumble return for a TD and a much closer result.